installierte Choreografie

The work of the choreographer Linda Samaraweerová and the fine artist Karl Karner is marked by an extended concept of choreography that constantly seeks to reorganise our processes of perception and the temporality of our own experience. The choreography installed is part of the longer, Grünspan series of works, and in line with the cross-genre and cross-form working methods of the two artists it is conceived not only for the stage but also for the whole room. In the physical make-up of the sculptural installations, the receptivity of the recipients and the individual theatricality of the choreographed space, understanding is only one possibility: Grünmakaken im Staub [Green Macaques in the Dust] is a challenge to the audience to reencounter their own perception decisions, also beyond the concrete aesthetic thought and imagination world and along the poetic rifts of understanding.

Tanzquartier Wien, November 2011
Black Pages, Wien, März 2012